Russians would not have deep waters port. Russians can do solely small ones. In our ports, one can ship massive and small tonnage tankers. They carry oil by small tons, ukraine sunflower field so known as “sprat fleet”. These are the so called “10 circles of hell” before project conception is began. Are we ready to execute transshipment within our personal infrastructure? Investors also are interested where transshipment of commodities will take place. So building of your personal transshipment amenities can also be a matter of precedence and significance for your organization? Project conception and construction will take up to 2 years extra. When do you plan to begin development? The land allocation permit itself is just a begin. “start of the continuation” In 2016, we plan to begin projecting second line of the advanced, ukraine sunflower field which is in truth a copy of what is already operating processing 2,400 tons per day. That we will face wealthy sunflower seeds crops is nearly a reality now! I feel the variety of harvested sunflower seeds nears12 million tons. Vegetable oil production capacities in Ukraine are said to be round 16-17 million tons — is this the case? How rapidly the berth can be constructed in case land is allotted?

Attraction of such investment is kind of troublesome, should you do not have prospects of acquiring a berth. Our company — by deed not by phrase — proved how it is feasible to put money into Ukraine even in most troublesome, let us say, wartimes. Noble Resources Ukraine is specialized in procurement and storage of uncooked materials akin to cereals and sunflower seeds in addition to their further export predominantly to Europe. There’s Polohivskyi Oil-extraction plant, which historically operates two strains: soybeans and sunflower seeds. A berth is required primarily when infrastructure is there: present plant, its second line, soybean processing plant, grains terminal. S-engineering Company has accomplished work package in development and manufacturing of management cabinets, data collection, and controlling all phases of manufacturing course of processing of seed remedy at Noble Resources Ukraine oil extraction plant, Mariupol metropolis. Thus, the specialists of S-engineering Company proposed the perfect answer and carried out a work bundle in the undertaking documentation development, manufacturing the up to date gear for manufacturing processes control equivalent to drying, milling, urgent of oil cakes and pods granulation.

Earlier on S-engineering Company has efficiently completed work bundle in electric energy supply and full integrated automation of this object. Right after launch, your company obtained legal approval to construct it own berth. To us, info relating to allocation of further land for a berth for “Ukrlandfarming” sounds strange. After virtually half a 12 months, resolution on land for us is still there: “in competence.” Is response to our address (as of July) no one has signed anything for us. In January-October of 2019, the manufacturing volumes of crude sunflower oil in Ukraine totaled 4.421 mln tonnes, an increase of 14.7% compared with the same interval final 12 months, reported the State Statistics Service of Ukraine. As for flour production, in January-October of 2019 Ukraine produced 1.31 mln tonnes of wheat and wheat-rye flour, down 2.6% in contrast with the same period final yr. During September-February of the 2018/19 season Ukraine produced 2,958 million tonnes of crude sunoil, which is 10.7% greater than final season – reported in the “Ukroliyaprom”. 400 million of funding.

It is famous that since the start of the season 2018-2019 (September-January), Ukraine’s sunflower oil production exceeded the report for the 2016-2017 season (2.4772 million tonnes) by 0.6% and amounted to 2.4933 million tonnes. Ukraine produced 476,700 tonnes of sunflower oil in December 2017, nearly unchanged from the previous month. In line with him, in 2016/17 MY the production of sunflower oil in Ukraine will attain a report level at 6.3 mln tonnes (including oil mills). In MY2018/19, Ukraine could regain sunflower production and processing volume to the level of 2016/17 season. A median degree of increase of meal production throughout 5 seasons was 28%, and the yield – 27%. One must also point out that in MY 2007/08, the volumes of production of soybean meal doubled compared to the previous period. The common improve of the gross yield was about 26% for 5 seasons. Improvement of sunflower-seed oil manufacturing line allowed the shopper to get up the expertise to the optimum designed capability in addition to to increase manufacturing process management taking into account all requirements and standards. Possible cancellation of the export duties on sunflower seed will cut back the manufacturing volumes of sunflower oil by 20-30%, and as a consequence, considerably lower revenues to the state funds by 4.Three billion UAH.

A median price of growth of the volumes of production of sunflower oil and meal was about 24% for the final 5 seasons (MYs 2004/05-2008/09), and in MY 2008/09 this indicator achieved 43% in comparison with the earlier period. The perspective is that progress potential is in place, two-fold as a minimum. Considering that as of at the moment its common productiveness is 2.1 tn/hectare with highest productiveness at 3.5-4.0 tn/hectare, what’s the angle for the longer term? It’s troublesome to say now how the scenario will develop contemplating tensions between Russian and Turkey and consequent sanctions of Russia in opposition to Turkey. How lively was the competitors between Ukrainian and Russian traders on exterior markets this season? But that is conditional on new applied sciences coming into Ukraine and on Ukrainian farmers’ readiness to implement them. Besides, on the Ukraine-EU Association Agreement coming into into power, Ukraine-made sunflower oil will likely be exempt from EU import responsibility, while Russia remains to be topic to import responsibility on sunflower oil from EU.