It is widely used as fodder for farm animals (cattle, pigs) and poultry. It is included in meals intake for cattle, poultry and fish. In the nearest future sunflower meal has the potential to become a frontrunner of feed elements for poultry. In 2017, the Ukrainian enterprises, which were authorized to export sunflower meal to China produced 3.4 mln tonnes of the oilseed by-product, and 1 mln tonnes formed practically 30% of the volumes solely. At the present stage, it is rather difficult to forecast the export volumes in a new season, however numerous market specialists introduced the figures of 1 mln tonnes. In September-June of the reporting season, the overall share of the highest-3 of companies-exporters of Ukrainian sunflower meal to China reached practically 83% of the final shipment volumes. The brand new season will provide more alternatives for the Ukrainian market of sunflower meal within the phrases of volumes and worth formation. Tridge additionally collects and analyzes massive knowledge and creates extra commerce transactions by figuring out unseen demand and arbitrage opportunities. Receive a Trade Alert for sunflower meal on to your e-mail.

The Financial — In line with APK-Inform figures, to this point the Ukrainian seaports confirmed a downward trend on sunflower meal supply/bid costs. Ukrainian sunflower meal has not only remained unchanged, but increased the volume of purchases. Besides, we additionally offer you associated products reminiscent of soybean meal, sunflower oil and rapeseed meal for your choice. Also, ADM Illichivsk, CJSC Kakhovka branch of AT Cargill, Allseeds Black Sea, Pology Oil Extraction Plant PJSC, UkrOliya LLC (on the production capacities of JSC UkrOliyaProduct ALC) received the identical qualification. Also, in 2018/19 MY Ukraine will export 4.Seventy five mln tonnes of sunflower meal, so the required quantity totals almost 20% of the forecast. Also, during the desired interval, a brand new gross sales market opened for Ukraine – China. Traders defined the scenario with coming of the cheaper rapeseed meal on the export market. At the identical time, the 2018/19 results will to some extent be influenced by world costs for vegetable oils and meals, particularly by a aggressive benefit of soybean oil over sunflower oil and an reverse scenario in meal trade.

The pattern developed, because of popularization of sunflower oil usage, and increasing of its the home processing rates of sunflower seed. Are you a provider of Sunflower Seed Meal? The sunflower seed market is gaining pace in the new 2018/19 season. China, which first imported Ukrainian sunflower meal in December 2018, already purchased 634.3 KMT in MY 2018/19 and thereby became the second largest importer (a 22% export share), however its demand quickly weakened in March. Therefore, to this point 24 Ukrainian enterprises already has the correct to export sunflower meal to China. The export geography of Ukrainian sunflower meal is slightly massive, and covers practically 50 international locations. For a number of latest years, China entered the highest-10 of countries-importers of sunflower meal from Ukraine. As a reminder, for five recent years China increased the consumption of sunflower meal by almost 60%. The forecast for 2018/19 MY totals 1.2 mln tonnes (USDA). In accordance with APK-Inform estimations, in 2017/18 MY the exports of sunflower meal from Ukraine to China varied within the range of 160-170 thsd tonnes.

Therefore, the forecast of 1 mln tonnes is kind of sustainable, by way of forming of the favourable trade ambiance between the parties. In terms of production, it’s the 4th most essential oil meal after soybean meal, rapeseed meal and cottonseed meal (Oil World, 2011). A wide number of products are available in the marketplace, ukraine sunflower field from low-quality straw-like meals to excessive-high quality flours. Sunflower meal is the by-product of the extraction of oil from sunflower seeds. As of July 4, provide prices for sunflower meal on the export market usually diversified within 250-255 USD/t FOB. Full model of the article is offered to subscribers for weekly market report “Black Sea Vegoils” by UkrAgroConsult. For a variety of years, Ukraine, the EU and Russia are the key world producers of sunflower meal. Through the period from September to January of the current MY, about 2 million tons of sunflower meal was exported from Ukraine, while throughout the identical interval of the previous MY, 1.Ninety four million tons have been delivered to international markets. In the first half of 2018/19 (September-February), Ukraine elevated the export of sunflower meal to China 18 instances to 633 thou. In January and February, exports of sunflower meal to China stood at to 80 thou.

Sunflower meal is a valuable glorious protein-rich livestock feed. Ukraine retains the management place amongst the main exporters of sunflower meal, and covers practically 65% of the global demand for the product. Taking into consideration the growing curiosity of China in sunflower meal, it could occur that the top of the global buyers of the product will change in the closest future. However, solely the additional signing of the intergovernmental settlement on the phytosanitary and veterinary regulations between the above-mentioned international locations will permit realizing the export flows. At the same time, the bid prices mainly didn’t exceed 240-245 USD/t FOB. The best prices and proven quality are guaranteed. It is a wonderful supply of protein and amino acids on a par with soybean meal, although the prices of sunflower meal significantly lower than soybean ones. It comprises amino acids and particularly methionine, vitamins E and C, fiber, phosphorus and other nutrients essential for proper growth and improvement of animals and birds.